Worried about Retaining Customers During and After COVID-19? Don’t Worry, Marketing Can (And Will) Help!

May 13, 2020

If somebody told you in January or February that you would be temporarily closing your small business in March due to a virus spreading from China, you would likely not have believed them.  But this is the reality for many today.  Nearly 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of permanently closing if the COVID-19 disruption continues for several more months.  If this sounds familiar to you, effective digital marketing can help retain customers and assure them that you have their safety, and that of your employees, in mind.  What are the things you should be doing?  See below!

·         Keeping your customers informed through digital channels.  Whether your business is completely open, open on a limited basis or temporarily closed, your customers need to know how you are continuing to meet their needs when it comes to the business itself and their safety.  Your customers depend on you when they need your products and services, and you depend on them for revenue, building relationships and reaching new customers.  It’s super important to keep them informed with a short social media post, an email or a text alert at least 3-4 times per week to keep them up to date about any new procedures.  Our digital marketing team is well-versed in content creation and will take care of these campaigns so you can focus on your overall business strategy.

·         Building up your website.  With the limited, or complete lack of, face-to-face communication brought about by COVID-19, it’s extremely important to have a strong website.  Your website is often the first thing customers see, which makes it the best source of communication when they can’t make it to your business in person.  Your website should have clear contact information for customers to reach you in case of an emergency, and it should outline the procedures you’re taking (or planning to take) to keep them and your employees safe.  Customers demonstrate their loyalty by repeatedly giving you their business, and they want to see the business reciprocate, especially at a time like this.  Our web development team is skilled at building strong websites and ready to help you today.

Being temporarily closed as a result of the current situation, and safely reopening afterwards, can be stressful, but we are ready to help with social media communication, web development and any other digital marketing needs. Contact us at (855)-GEM-1984 to get to work, and stay safe!   

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