Why Should You Choose Google Analytics for Your Website?

The digital marketing specialists here at GEM swear by Google Analytics for monitoring website performance.

Benefits of Choosing Google Analytics Over Other Tools

We recommend choosing Google Analytics to grow your business for the following reasons:

  • It’s free. During these uncertain economic times, it’s important to grow your business while continuing to save every dollar.  What better way to do that than choosing Google Analytics?  The standard version of the software is completely free and offers many useful features, such as real-time data, custom reporting and advanced segmentation.  You’ll have to pay to upgrade to the premium version, but the majority of small to midsized businesses can utilize the features of the free version and get a lot out of it.

  • You may better understand your target audience. Google Analytics provides features that help you get a full grasp of your target audience and make decisions that cater to them.  You may gather demographic information about your site’s visitors such as age, gender and location.  The software also tells you about the interests and hobbies of your visitors, as well as their behavior on your site and how often they visit. 

  • You can easily improve your content strategy. Google Analytics offers a straightforward interface for tracking blog traffic, which helps you figure out which topics work and which ones don’t.  After all, content marketing is a large investment of your time, and you want to make sure you’re getting a positive ROI.  Google Analytics will help you do just that.

The web development experts here at GEM will set up Google Analytics for your site at an affordable cost, regularly track those analytics and help you make business decisions related to what we find.  Contact us today at (866) GEM-CORP, or through our website, to get started!

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