Why Is It Important to Change Your 4th of July Approach in 2020?

New Jersey’s small businesses will have to approach their 4th of July marketing campaigns in a different way this year!

In a world where many people are hesitant to participate in the relatively few festivities that are still ongoing, you’ll have to adjust your usual 4th of July strategy to reflect on different circumstances and empathize with your customers, while getting them in the holiday spirit.  Let our team tell you why it’s so important that your campaign be focused on the changes we’ll see this year, rather than ignoring them.

  • It shows your customers you’re aware of their needs. Customers need to know that you’re on the same page as they are, especially at a complicated time like this.  If you’re posting about your business’s usual festivities and encouraging close gatherings, your customers might think you aren’t aware of current issues, or you aren’t taking them seriously. 

  • It encourages collaboration. With a limit on public events, people have to get a little creative when it comes to celebrating America’s birthday.  The purchase of fireworks in New Jersey is highly regulated, but sparklers and other handheld devices can be safely enjoyed.  You might share some recommendations with your clients based on personal experience, or maybe even a recipe for an at-home barbecue.  Your customers may come to you for ideas, and you can go to them as well, which builds relationships that are good for business.

  • You have the chance to help the community and show it. 56% of customers have said they like learning how brands are helping their communities during a pandemic.  If your business does something to help the local community get in the Fourth of July spirit (in a safe way, of course) you have the opportunity to show your customers how you’re helping others outside of work.  And that type of content never gets old.

As you slowly transition back to normal and navigate these uncertain times, GEM Corp has got you covered.  Our digital marketing team will help promote your business and get your customers in the holiday spirit.  Contact us today at (866) GEM-CORP, or through our website, to get started! 

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