In these unprecedented times, when many customers are hesitant to venture out, a virtual tour is a must-have for your business’s website.  We will take photos of the inside and outside of your business and design a virtual tour that makes your customers feel like they’re right there with you.  Don’t miss out on this easy and cost-efficient marketing tool!


  • 5 Scene Types
  • Markers
  • Popovers
  • Thumbnails
  • Full Screen
  • Touch Controls 
Retail Outlets


Whether you’re a school, office, restaurant or something else, we will specially design your virtual tour to cater to your business and your customers.  You let us know how you want us to structure your virtual tour, and we will do our best to make that happen.  You can rest assured that you will be happy with the finished product, and you’ll be getting calls left and right from your customers!


GEM is your one-source solution for all your marketing needs.  Our comprehensive marketing packages include all or some of the following services.

Social Media

We’ll create and schedule social media posts that advertise your business’s reopening and the safety procedures you’re taking.  Our digital content team knows all the right keywords to include to reach your intended audience.

Web Design

Our talented web development team will set up virtual tours, chatbots and more so customers can get to know your business online.  We’ll also update your site to include what you’re doing to keep your customers safe and healthy in person.

Video / Photography

We also specialize in capturing videos and photos to include on your website and social media.  You name the date and time, and we’ll be there with our high-tech cameras and our PPE!

Press Releases

Reopening only gets you so far if the community doesn’t know about it.  We will create and schedule press releases for NJ Advance Media to spread the news about your reopening and the ways you’re keeping your customers safe!

We know that you may be on a reduced budget at this time, but we still want you to have a great marketing strategy.

Reputation Management

Customers will discover your business online right now, rather than in person.  We will continuously monitor your online reputation and communicate with your customers in a professional manner on all channels.

Podcasting Studio

Come to our state-of-the-art podcast studio, located right in our office, to entertain and educate your customers on a regular basis.  We’ll help you come up with content for your podcast, and we have all the equipment we need in-house for recording.  Plus, we have PPE to keep us all safe!

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team will create fun and professional graphics to accompany every piece of content on your website and social media, in a timely and cost-effective way.


Our content writers will create blog posts based on topics you send us.  We can also select topics if you prefer.  Then, the blogs will be uploaded to your website by our web development team.