Your iPhone can take you to virtual worlds

February 25, 2019

Virtual reality has never been more accessible. For years, to experience VR you had to invest thousands of dollars in premium and powerful computers to enter the digital world, along with the large cost of a high-end headset and controllers. But recently, more and more people are diving into virtual reality with the computing power inside their pockets.

When paired with a headset, the iPhone is an impressive tool that allows users to experience the power of VR without additional devices. Even if you know very little about virtual reality, the iPhone makes it easy to pick up and go without getting frustrated with technical specs and configurations. Most iPhones are VR-capable, but the iPhone 6 and newer models will perform the best.

Many VR experiences work with the iPhone, such as Google Maps and YouTube. Simply slip your iOS smartphone into a headset and place it over your eyes to completely interact with numerous games, movies and experiences.

We rounded up VR headsets that work with the Apple iPhone to transport you into virtual reality with ease. These headsets feature a wide variety of features like durability and built-in headphones to help you get the most out of VR for the iPhone.

These headsets will also fit most Android phones (like a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or LG G7, just to name a few). As long as your device meets the specifications for VR — and most of them do — you should be set.

Merge AR/VR Goggles ($29.99; originally $39.99; amazon.com)

Looking to get an immersive experience from your iPhone? The Merge AR/VR Goggles can help you dive into games with the power of virtual and augmented reality.

For less than $40, these VR goggles can transport you into far-flung digital worlds with hours of entertainment. The Merge AR/VR Goggles are very kid-friendly because they’re made with lightweight, flexible, and drop-proof soft foam material that’s great for children ages 10 and up. The Merge Miniverse app offers a wide range of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) games and experiences.

At the moment, these goggles for iPhone are $10 off, or 25% off the retail price.

Pansonite VR Headset with Remote Controller ($69.99; amazon.com)

These high-rated VR goggles are designed with an eye for comfort and adjustability, with a new nose bridge that is said to reduce the pressure on your face by 30% compared with other models. Its lenses are designed to adjust to your individual pupil and focal distances.

For a complete and immersive experience, this headset features built-in headphones that offer Pansonite’s 3D Audio Technology, so you can hear everything in full 360 degrees.

Virtual Reality Goggles by VR Wear ($29.95; amazon.com)

These goggles from VR Wear take your iPhone to the next level with an easy-to-use and comfortable cushioned headset and fully adjustable double lenses made to reduce initial dizziness and eyestrain. The headset has a strategic ventilation system that helps keep its lenses from getting cloudy and foggy, while reducing the risk of your smartphone overheating. Compatible with the Google Cardboard app, the VR goggles can transport you to truly immersive experiences with 3D movies and games.

Customers gave this pair 4.9 out of 5 stars with 58 reviews on Amazon.

Destek V4 VR ($29.99; amazon.com)

The Destek V4 VR comes with a wireless controller which connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. The controller gives you a better way to interact with the digital world when playing games or working through experiences. The headset is made with soft leather padding, so it feels comfortable on your face and provides stress relief on your head and nose.

Meanwhile, the lenses inside protect your eyes from blue-light glare and can deliver crisp and clear HD images, while also adjusting to your own personal vision — which means you don’t have to wear your eyeglasses when you use it,so it feels less cumbersome when you’re experiencing the sensation of flight in piloting experiences or lightning-fast speeds in roadster games.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

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