Make Your School
the Place to Be in 2020

Whether you’re teaching in the classroom or virtually, make your school the place to be in 2020 with our Virtual Office package!


We’re offering the following unique solutions to help your staff and students navigate this unprecedented school year!


Poly EagleEye Mini Webcam

Teachers, with this EagleEye webcam, you won’t have to worry about your screen lagging or freezing in the middle of an important virtual lesson.  Plus, it’s compatible with whatever cloud video service you choose.  Simply plug the webcam into your computer, and you’ll be on your way to a productive virtual lesson!

Elgato Green Screen

Keep your students engaged in your virtual lessons with our Elgato Green Screen!  Simply pull the screen up to your desired height, and choose from a variety of fun backgrounds that will impress your students and get them talking.  When you’re done, just push the screen down and store it in a safe place!

Blue Snowball Microphone

Make virtual learning easy with this crystal-clear Blue Snowball microphone!  Simply plug the microphone into your computer, and you’ll have sound quality that carries you and your students through these unprecedented times!


G3 Series UV Ionic Air Purifier

As you prepare to return to a newly unusual school environment, clean air makes a big difference in the safety of students and staff.  The G3 Series UV Ionic Air Purifier by AirOasis provides a blanket of ions, combined with HEPA and advanced carbon filtration systems, to rid the air of up to 99% of viruses and allergens that cause illness. 

Elgato Green Screen

Forget about teaching in front of a plain whiteboard.  Now, with our Elgato Green Screen, you can add some fun to the classroom at an affordable price.  Choose from a variety of fun backgrounds that you can change as many times as you want!

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk by 98.6 Labs

Taking the temperatures of students and staff doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Simply instruct them to stand in front of this scanner, and the scanner will accurately register their temperature and let them know whether they are safe to enter.  Plus, it detects whether or not they are wearing masks and will instruct them to put one on if they aren’t!  It’s easily portable, touchless and efficient!

Poly EagleEye Mini Webcam

If any students or staff want or need to stay home, keep them in the loop with our top-quality webcam!  The webcam captures videos in full HD quality and is compatible with any cloud video service you choose.  No more relying on laptop or cell phone cameras or dragging around heavy equipment.  The EagleEye is portable, won’t lag and is the perfect solution for your classroom needs!

Blue Snowball Microphone

Desktop and laptop microphones just don’t cut it for virtual staff meetings.  Our Blue Snowball microphone provides crystal clear sound fast and easy with plug and play operation.  Plus, they provide great sound quality in the socially distant classroom!