These 4 Mistakes Can Make Your Email Newsletter a Moot Point With Your Customers!

  • Not including a link to unsubscribe. We get that you want to keep your customers in the loop, but it’s against marketing ethics and CAN-SPAM regulations to hide or omit an unsubscribe link from your emails.  It’s important to include a clear link in every email to avoid portraying your brand in a negative light.  An option to unsubscribe says, “We want to get your business, but we’re going to do so in an ethical way.”
  • Not using automation tools. Sending an email newsletter through Gmail, Outlook or AOL is unprofessional and makes tracking impossible.  Automated email marketing services are affordable for small businesses and give your newsletter the polished look that’ll make customers take you seriously.  Plus, they offer easy access to metrics, read rates and segmentation tools to take your campaign beyond the newsletter.
  • Inconsistent messaging. Sending a pattern of emails every couple of days, and then suddenly disappearing for weeks, isn’t going to resonate well with your customers.  It sends them the message that you’re only reaching out to them when you feel like it, or there’s nothing interesting happening in your small business that’s worth posting about. In a time when many customers need that extra push to leave their homes and visit a place of business, you need to be sending consistent newsletters with engaging content
  • Boring subject lines. Your subject line is the very first thing subscribers will see in their inbox.  An engaging subject line that will get them to open the email is personal and gives the reader something of value before they even click that button.  Don’t make the mistake of including an overly corporate or generic subject line, otherwise you could lose customers before they have a chance to read your content.

GEM’s email marketing team will take care of all the work for you.  We will create content for your newsletters and send them out on a regimented schedule so your customers don’t miss out!  Contact us at (866) GEM-CORP, or send us a message through our website, to get started immediately.

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