The Pandemic Has Changed Digital Marketing: Learn How You Can Add Value to Your Content During This Time

Our digital marketing professionals have been helping clients adapt their business strategy to a COVID-friendly one.

84% of customers say the experience a business provides is just as important as its products and services.  In these unprecedented times, when customers are spending more time at home and businesses are going online, you’ll need to provide them with added value in order to stand out from your competition.  That value comes in teaching them something new about your products or services, or the industry itself.  Here’s what you can do to make that happen and gain leads. 

  • Mine your data to understand your customer segments. The most valuable content to educate your customers will depend on their age, gender, location, hobbies and more.  Mining your data in the right way can help you break down each customer segment and really find out what they are looking for in your content.  Developing a marketing strategy out of thin air will be a waste of time and money if it’s not appropriately targeted, so our team places great importance on knowing your data.
  • Understand the importance of personalization. While you can’t control your customer’s location, mood and interests at all times, you can still frame your message the right way based on the current psychographics of your target market.  You don’t want to come off in an overly personal and creepy way, as if you’re “watching” every customer.  Instead, the data mining that you (hopefully) did previously will come into play here.  Based on their behavior, and perhaps buyer personas that represent the core of your target audience, you’ll be able to create content that will generally reflect their lifestyle and the information they seek in a unique way.
  • Mix up your educational media. Even within a very static target market, preferences will always vary with regards to how customers wish to receive their information.  Some might prefer to read a short snippet on social media, and others might prefer to watch a detailed (but not too sales-y) video explaining your products and services.  Once again, data is important.  Evaluate your target market and see how they’re choosing to self-educate, and then tailor the way you reach them based on what you find.

One of GEM Corp’s specialties is helping businesses of all shapes and sizes market to their customers during this pandemic.  Save yourself time and stress, and outsource your marketing to us by contacting (866) GEM-CORP!

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