The Advantages of Using LinkedIn For Your Business

October 16, 2018

Small or large, every business can benefit from actively utilizing social media platforms.  Whether you are a small, local business or nationally traded company, it is important to take advantage of the ways you can connect to your client demographic. When the word social media comes to mind, many think of Facebook and Instagram.  LinkedIn is often the most underrated and least used platform but is often the most useful in business culture.

In today’s business world, LinkedIn has the ability to connect thousands of individuals across the globe with the push of a button. LinkedIn allows you to connect with individuals in any field of business and allows one to see the full extent of their reviews, connections, and additional social profiles. Instead of only being able to view a lawyer’s credentials, LinkedIn gives you a detailed view of their connections, reputation, and site traffic.  The ability to be in constant contact with that connection is immediately possible, allowing one to see daily updates and announcements. These advantages are ones that other profiles such as Facebook cannot be fully capable of.

LinkedIn is also extremely helpful in company expansion and growth. Many employers turn to job hosting sites such as Indeed or Glassdoor, but recent statistics show that on average 4.5 million jobs are posted to LinkedIn currently, and that number is only increasing. Statistics also show that 75% percent of the Fortune 500 Companies using LinkedIn utilize the job posting portion of the site more than any other job posting platform. These statistics make LinkedIn one of the top advantages in terms of gaining employers and company expansion.

Lastly, LinkedIn is extremely reliable when it comes to improving and promoting your company’s credibility. Business credibility is important for both employers, employees and even potential employees or businesses to network with in the future. LinkedIn allows growth and notability for company credibility by allowing one to request personal references, as well as recommendations.

Linkedin is proven to work well in sales and marketing but is always a good tool for personal reputation as well as business credibility and expansion. The next time you are tempted to go straight to Facebook to advertise company milestones, consider using Linkedin and the advantages it presents.

– Jackie Teschon

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