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Struggling with Content Marketing? Here Are 4 Myths That Need to be Debunked

March 24, 2020

Creating strong content is essential to marketing any business. Customers like to be educated when they purchase products and services, and using the right keywords boosts your SEO and improves click-through rates. If you work in the field, you will hear many facts and opinions, but today we want to break down 4 of those most commonly heard and explain why you shouldn’t believe them.

  • Quantity of content matters more than quality. Many content marketers believe that the best way to improve SEO and attract client attention is to post as much content as possible. However, taking this approach actually causes marketers to create content that fails to stand out with the right elements, due to time restrictions. Lowering the minimum goal of content pieces per week gives marketers more time to perform careful research and monitor industry trends to create content that will actually resonate with customers.
  • Content should only focus on your business. While one of the aims of content marketing is to promote your business, making your business front-and-center may have the unintended consequence of making your customers feel inferior and boring them. Content marketing is all about engaging with your customers, and while a call-to-action for your business at the end of every piece is a good idea, you should focus more on writing about everyday topics that they can relate to.
  • You don’t need to include images with content pieces. Many content marketers fail to see the value in including quality images or videos with their content pieces, thinking that text is adequate to engage their audience. However, the right images can really complement a content piece. A recent study by BuzzSumo found that Facebook posts with images generated over twice as much engagement as those that were text-only. Plus, an image can be the first thing that a prospective customer sees when they do a Google search relating to your product or the topic of your content piece, so including them is essential.
  • Content marketing and advertising are interchangeable. People who are new to content marketing or don’t work in the field will commonly say, “Isn’t it just advertising?” However, content marketing is a part of advertising, but it is not advertising on its own. The goal of an advertisement is to create awareness about a brand and its products so customers know it exists. The goal of content marketing is to create consistent engagement that will motivate the customer to utilize your brand and relate to the brand on a personal level.

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