Spring Has Sprung: Here are 5 Digital Marketing Opportunities Your Business Should Take Advantage of This April

April 12, 2020

April is one of the most revered months of the year for many people. The cold, dark days of winter are pretty much over, and children can look forward to summer break in just a couple of months. April is also a prime month for your small business to up its digital marketing game. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to learn about 5 digital marketing opportunities we think is best for your business in April 2020.

April Fool’s Day. April 1 marks a silly, yet fun tradition for people of any age: April Fool’s Day. The holiday is an opportunity for you to show your customers your fun side, whether that be a good-natured prank on someone in the office or an interactive social media post asking your customers for their most memorable prank.

Easter. Soon after April Fool’s Day, Easter presents another opportunity for your business to take its marketing to the next level. Easter is a widely celebrated holiday with traditions that appeal to people of any age, like dying eggs and eating chocolate. Customers would love to walk into your business and see it decorated with bright colors and plastic eggs. It gets them in the spirit of the holiday and presents the opportunity to get to know them by name rather than as a customer.

Earth Day. April 22 marks Earth Day, where people from all over gather for events promoting environmentally friendly practices. With the increasing importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to customers, this is one of your best marketing opportunities of the year. Living out sustainable values and advertising what your business does to protect the environment (even small things like recycling in the office) is a sure way to get customers in the door, especially if you cater to a millennial market.

Arbor Day. Just two days after Earth Day, Arbor Day encourages people to plant trees and collect litter to promote sustainable practices. A frequent tradition is planting a tree in honor of a deceased loved one, and schools will often gather students to plant a tree on the property. Planting a tree on company property is a tangible way to show your customers that your business really cares about the environment and shares their values for a sustainable world.  

The GEM team is equipped to handle digital marketing needs for any holiday.  If you are looking to up your digital marketing game and stand out from your competitors, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us below, and our specialists will get to work immediately.  

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