Social Distancing Makes Digital Marketing Super Important: Here’s What You Need to Be Doing to Keep Customers Engaged

May 7, 2020

The latest pandemic of COVID-19 has been bad news for many small businesses. The CDC recently recommended that gatherings of 50 or more people be suspended or postponed for the next eight weeks, an even larger time period than was initially anticipated.  Schools all around the country are moving to online courses, and churches are being forced to cancel services or hold them online. And as of 8pm on Monday, March 16, all restaurants, movie theaters, gyms and casinos across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut will be closed until further notice, with the exception of takeout services.

If your small business has been impacted by these measures, making sure your digital marketing game is on par is crucial for keeping customers engaged while your operations are temporarily suspended. Traditional marketing efforts are going to be restricted at this time due to lack of in-person interaction, but effective digital marketing gets your customers excited for what will come when your business reopens. Keep reading for more information on what you need to be doing to market your business in light of recent events. And remember, the GEM team is always ready to help!

The economy is currently suffering as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning you may need to look into reducing ad spend. A common challenge for digital marketers is creating meaningful campaigns while spending as little as possible. But digital marketing on a budget is not a bad thing. In fact, the most basic but effective campaign strategies are very affordable.  Setting up an email campaign can cost anywhere from less than $100 to a little over $200, depending on the plan you choose. A simple social media ad can cost a mere $200-$350 but still be very effective if it is well set up.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of blogging. An effective blog post helps customers relate to your business on a personal level, educates them and builds brand loyalty. GEM’s content marketing team has plenty of experience creating effective content that generates more clicks and connects customers to your brand, and we provide these services at an affordable cost to you.

If you already have a strong digital marketing game, keeping it that way needs to be one of your top priorities at this time of social distancing. If you don’t have much experience with digital marketing, now is the time to start because it will make a big difference. Contact the GEM team below, and we will work hard to make sure your digital marketing efforts thrive.

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