Our Process

In designing the site for Amazin’ Kids, we at GEM thought about the parents sending their children to the facility and what they would like to get out of the site.  This is a daycare facility, and parents want a clean, simple page that gives them an idea of what their child will experience. The users of Amazin’ Kids are not the children, but the parents.  The children are very young, ranging from babies to just before preschool-age, so they are not going to be doing research on what facility is best for them. Therefore, our design process caters to the parents, not to the children.  The experience at the facility caters to both, but the design is what gets them started.

First, Anthony, web design intern on our marketing team, drew out the wireframe of the website on pen and paper.  This helped him see the current design of the page, without being distracted by pictures and a bunch of text. Sofian, Director of Web Development, used Anthony’s wireframe to pick out flaws in the website’s current design and fix them.  Anthony also worked on a sitemap, which is a map of how the website flows, like how to get to a new page and what links lead to where, etc. Finally, he designed a user persona for Amazin’ Kids, shown just below this description.

User Personas


  • John (30) and Jane (29) Doe of Paterson, NJ
  • Family income is $35,000/yr, so low income like most of Paterson.
  • John and Jane have a 2 year-old son named Billy.
  • They both work full time.


  • The Does are looking for a safe, caring environment for Billy while they are at work.
  • They want Billy to have an educational experience and learn basic things, while still having fun.
  • A staff that cares is needed for Billy to do his best.


  • Daycare staff that is indifferent, leading to child misbehavior and boredom
  • Daycare facilities too expensive (average is $972 per month in NJ, so almost half Does’ income for full year-too much)


  • The Does are good, nurturing parents, who want the same environment and stability in a daycare center that Billy is used to at home.  
  • They are extroverted and want to make friends with other parents sending their children to the facility, as well as for Billy to make friends with the other children.

Preferred Channels

  • Email
  • Social media and online advertising
  • In-person meetings with families to ensure the right fit


Site Map