GEM’s New Graphic Designer: Mike Vasilev

August 15, 2019

On Monday, July 29th, GEM made a new addition to the marketing team: graphic designer Mike Vasilev. Mike has worked in the industry for over 20 years, and we look forward to the knowledge and creativity Mike will bring to the team. We conducted a brief interview with Mike so you could get to know him a little. Enjoy!

1) Q: Tell us about yourself. Where were you were born, where’d you go to school? Any interesting past career experiences?

A: My name is Mike Vasilev. I grew up in Orange County, New York, and majored in Graphic/Web Design with a minor in Marketing at Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts. I’ve worked in the industry for over 20 years for various companies and as a freelancer for technology, life sciences, construction, retail and news outlets.

2) Q: What are your hobbies outside of work?

A: Outside of work my hobbies vary from photography and working on a YouTube channel my wife and I have created, to partaking in events and shows regarding design, art, or technology.

3) Q: Where is your favorite place that you’ve traveled?

A: My favorite place that I have traveled to is Germany. My family grew up in Berlin, and it was great seeing the old-world architecture fused with the country’s wonderful modern design aesthetics.

4) Q: What are your pet peeves?

A: I’ve been hired in the past to shoot real estate photography for various clients, and one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing foreign objects in a final picture. Garbage cans; hanging wires; the photographer’s equipment. Easy stuff to miss, but once you see it – you always see it.

5) Q: How do you prefer to start and end your day?

A: Silly as it sounds, I always hang out with my two cats. I’ve always felt you shouldn’t start or end the day with work – that way you can clear you head for the next task. Try to find your “ZEN” moment; mine is hanging out with my two cats.

Hopefully this interview helped you get to know our graphic designer Mike a little better! We are excited about this new addition and look forward to working alongside him.

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