Make Sure You Do Social Media Right: Here’s Why You Need an Image with Every Caption

October 19, 2020

Our New Jersey social media experts have seen firsthand how the right image can transform a post and get valuable leads.

The Importance of Images on Social Media

Recent statistics show that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, which equates to about 45% of the population.  As social media increases in popularity and more businesses enter the mix, you’ll need a unique strategy to help your business stand out from the pack and get leads.  Here’s how images can help you:

  • Reduces content overload. The average customer’s social media feed is full of news and updates from their friends and family and other businesses.  A wall of text without an image is just going to look like more clutter to them, and they’re either going to read it very quickly or scroll past.  But a professional, eye-catching image will stand out from the rest of the page, prompting the customer to stop and take the time to view the caption that goes with that image.

  • Helps audience remember your brand. When a picture is added to an informational piece, you’ll remember 65% of that information three days later.  Without a picture, that number drops down to 10%.  Images are more efficient for capturing customer attention because they’re bigger than text and give a deeper meaning to the post that makes it stand out in the customer’s mind.

  • Boosts your SEO. Quality images generate more exposure and increase your SEO from what it would be with a plain text post.  Your image will have separate metadata from your post, which will generate a separate search result from the same location of the customer’s search.  If you use custom photography rather than stock, this is even better, as your images will stand out from competitors and be unlikely to get lost in the clutter of a customer’s search results or newsfeed.

When it comes to photos for your website and social media, leave it to the experts.  GEM’s photography team will take custom photos of your business, and our social media experts will pick the right images to upload for each post to help you gain leads.  Contact us today at 866 GEM-CORP, or through our website, and we’ll get right to work! 

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