Key Marketing Trends You Need to Look for in 2019

January 10, 2019

With the 2019 off to a quick start, it is important to keep a close eye on the various marketing trends that arise. Marketing is a big key in sustaining a successful business, no matter what area of focus you may be in. From digital trends to more user centered approaches, it is important to stay on top of the marketing potential your business is capable of offering. 

One of the most innovative and interactive marketing trends appearing in 2019 is the chat bot. The chat bot acts as an artificial intelligence system that can aid a user on basically any site they visit. For example, if a user is looking to purchase a new vehicle, a chat bot on the dealership site can be extremely helpful, providing immediate responses to questions.  Chat bots are also becoming more popular on food service sites and ecommerce sites. The chat bot provides assistance and resources, eliminating the need to hire another employee. Investing in a chat bot for your website is most definitely a positive step forward for both the site operator and the user.

Another upcoming marketing trend that is becoming extremely useful is the presence of user generated content. Examples of user generated content is anything from pictures, to tweets to videos of the user promoting products and brands, rather than the actual brand promoting itself.  This is useful to utilize regardless of any industry you are in, because it provides a more personal, user-friendly experience and ads a more human element to your brand identity.

Video is always useful when creating a strong brand presence but using video in regard to your marketing campaigns can only enhance user experience.  Being visual elements utilize our dominant sense, adding in a video to any site or campaign will boost engagement and add interest. Statistics show that 57% of consumers agree that video on a site encourages them to make purchases and engage on the site more. Statistics also show that about 73% of users agree that after watching a video on a site, they were more likely to share the video on social networks or with friends. This type of positive user traction is extremely useful when creating a strong marketing campaign.

Another useful trend in marketing is the concept of AdWords. AdWords require extreme attention to detail and a different approach than traditional marketing approaches require, but they are great for promoting posts and drawing traffic to your site. AdWords uses a combination of key words, phrases and demographic targeting  to draw in traffic to each landing page.  

The trends listed are only a few of the many trends to watch out for in this new year. Using even a few of these options will be extremely helpful when trying to enhance or improve your business or website-small or large. Living in a digital culture, keeping up with marketing trends can improve your efficiency, no matter what business you may be in.

– Jackie Teschon

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