Is Your Website Up to Date According to These 2021 Trends?

Our digital marketing experts are well-versed in the constantly changing trends of the website industry.

After careful research, the GEM Corp team has found that these are the main trends you need to watch out for in 2021 so you can stand out from your competition:

  • Vector graphics. This is a trend we saw emerge in 2020, but we can expect to see it on a whole new level in 2021.  In a world that has gone increasingly online, customers won’t want to wait for a website with several large images to load.  Vector images are not made up of pixels, so they can easily be scaled to fit any website while maintaining clear image quality.  This makes it easier to fit more content into one image, which helps save speed and efficiency.
  • Data and infographics. In 2021 and beyond, customers are going to want to see the metrics of what your business has done in the past so they get an idea of how you’ll help them before making a call.  If you want to stand out from your competition, you’ll need to incorporate infographics, annual reports and other data sets into your website’s design.  They should be clear, concise and include concrete up-to-date figures. 
  • Floating elements. Floating elements will continue to increase in popularity as we enter the new year.  Because almost every website will include an array of still photos and videos, business owners are aiming to give their website’s visitors an interactive experience with the use of these elements.  The element “floats” on top of whatever is already present on the page and usually includes a call-to-action for the visitor’s convenience.
  • Artificial intelligence. You may have predicted that we would touch on this trend, but we don’t see it dying out anytime soon.  Artificial intelligence is super important for your website’s success, so you’ll need to incorporate as much of it as possible into the design and maintenance of your site.

Web design doesn’t have to be difficult.  Outsource it to our experts so you can focus on developing your business and making strategic plans for next year.  Contact us today at (866) GEM-CORP to get started!

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