Is Your Website Designed with These 4 Trends in Mind? If Not, Let Us Help!

Websites designed with these four 2020 trends in mind bring a whole new level of SEO and traffic to New Jersey small businesses.

  • Mobile first. Experts predict that by 2025, about 7 billion Internet users will be mobile-only.  With that in mind, digital marketers are focusing on designing sites that cater to mobile users, allowing them to easily scroll, click and view content on a smartphone screen. 
  • Virtual tours. 3D elements in general are getting more popular, but virtual tours will really stand out given the current circumstances.  Customers want to get to know your small business without leaving their homes and possibly putting their health at risk.  Therefore, they’ll result to 360-degree videos and virtual tours, and you could lose visitors by not having these available as we slowly emerge from lockdowns.
  • Hidden navigation. Sites are increasingly embracing the concept of minimalism and incorporating as few elements onto the main page as possible.  Therefore, users can expect to see a simple “menu” button and nothing else, or the familiar “hamburger menu” with three horizontal lines that they must click in order to view more options.
  • Dark mode. More web designers are resorting to dark backgrounds to give their website a modern look and be ergonomic.  These types of backgrounds make design elements stand out and reduce eye strain so readers can focus more on your content, making it a very effective marketing tool.

The web development team at GEM Corp is familiar with these evolving trends and will incorporate them into your new site.  Contact us today at (866) GEM-CORP, or through our website, and we will get right to work helping your small business grow!

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