How to Market Your Business for Next
Labor Day

September 03, 2019

Not only does Labor Day commemorate American workers and make them feel important, but it is also a great marketing opportunity for your business.  Because the holiday honors American businesses like yours, you have the opportunity to capitalize on the meaning of Labor Day and use it to increase your leads. 

            How should you market during the Labor Day period, and in what ways should it be similar to or different than your marketing tactics the rest of the year?  You should start by incorporating seasonal and holiday themes into your messages.  Perhaps the first line of your social media post could be a thank you to all your employees and other American workers for all that they do, which encompasses the theme of the holiday.  Students usually go back to school right before or right after Labor Day Weekend, so depending on the type of business you do, you can offer them promotions to help them prepare for the start of a new school year.  Labor Day is also the beginning of an exciting time for NFL football fans because the first game of the season is played on the following Thursday.  Insert a football-themed message into your advertisement to pump up the fans and give them a fun association with your brand.

            While the weather is still warm during Labor Day and throughout most of September, it starts getting cold outside quickly as fall goes on.  Labor Day is the last of the three major holidays of the summer, so your business can benefit by hosting an outdoor event, such as a picnic, on or around the holiday.  This gives your customers an opportunity to go outside and enjoy themselves while the weather is still nice and get to know you and your business in the process.  A laid-back barbecue is the perfect place for customers to learn about your business without feeling pressured by work.  Customers today do not want a stiff, corporate relationship, especially in small to mid-sized businesses.  They are more likely to become loyal to your brand if they get to know about it in a personal setting.

            While you may think that Labor Day does not provide as many marketing opportunities as Independence Day or Memorial Day, there are plenty of ways you can use the holiday to make your business profitable.  Just as Memorial Day signifies the unofficial beginning of summer, Labor Day does the same thing for the fall.  And many customers do enjoy the fall season and the activities that come with it just as much or more than the summer.  Fall has many useful themes that can be incorporated into your marketing messages, and Labor Day honors workers and businesses, so it is the perfect time to get your brand out there and build customer relationships. 


Written By: Anthony Luparello

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