How Does a Green Screen Improve Your Remote Work Experience? Here’s 4 Ways We Found It Makes Life Easier!

Our New Jersey digital marketing professionals recommend a green screen for your home office for these 4 reasons.

  • It looks more professional. Remote sales meetings are the new normal, and your home office is an extension of you and your business.  When you’re closing an important deal, the last thing your client wants to see is your home bar or your TV in the background.  If you have a green screen, you can choose from a variety of professional backgrounds and replicate your actual office right at home!
  • It helps you stand out. Plain home office backgrounds can be boring.  That’s where a green screen comes in.  You can enhance your own virtual experience, and that of your client by giving them a unique background to look at and changing scenery as many times as you wish without leaving your desk once.
  • With a regular home office background, there are many distractions that can occur.  The sun may suddenly shine into your window, creating a glare on your computer screen and making it impossible for your clients and team members to see you.  Your child may walk into the room behind you to get something.  A green screen background stays consistent throughout and helps keep your focus, and everyone else’s focus, on the virtual meeting and on business.
  • Most green screens, like our Elgato Green Screen, are easily portable.  This means you’re not bound to your home office.  You can take the green screen with you anywhere, whether that be a hotel room, your actual office or another place.  It’s business as usual, wherever you are!

 At GEM, we specialize in creating virtual offices that enhance productivity and minimize disruptions that can come with remote work.  Contact us today at (866) GEM-CORP, and our team will get right to work!

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