How Can a Chatbot Change Your Small Business’s Marketing Game?

Small businesses in New Jersey can enhance their online strategy with the use of chatbots to supplement human interaction.

Almost 70% of websites today have chatbots that link customers to new pages within the site and offer them basic assistance.  As you slowly transition back to business, developing chatbots on your site can be an excellent time-saver.  You can focus on the logistics of reopening your business while the bot helps customers navigate your website and assists them with basic questions.  Keep reading to learn about the benefits of having a chatbot, and also how our team can help you!

  • Provides customers with around-the-clock assistance. No matter how hard of a worker you are, you need at least 8 hours of sleep per night.  One of the biggest benefits to chatbots is that they’re available 24/7.  You can gain more traffic from customers from different time zones, and those with different schedules, simply because the bot can assist them whenever they are able to visit your site, even if you aren’t around at the time. 

  • It enhances communication with customers. The days of only responding to customers when they initiate contact are long over.  In your small business, you’re going to bring in new customers by reaching out yourself and networking, and you’ll retain them the same way.  But understandably, business owners don’t have the manpower to send messages around the clock, which is where chatbots come in.  The bots initiate the original conversation with new search traffic and network with existing customers, giving you the ability to focus on operations and answer questions that the bot isn’t equipped to address.

  • Develops trust. Your chatbot can be equipped to handle many different types of customer inquiries and even connect with them on an emotional level by asking them how their day is going or something similar.  This helps establish trust and paints a positive picture of your company.  As a bonus, you can equip the chatbot to redirect the customer directly to a human representative if the customer request something the bot can’t do. 

As you make the transition back to your normal business routine, GEM Corp has you covered.  Our team can upgrade and maintain your website, create social media posts and more.  Contact us today!

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