Here’s Why “Position Zero” On Google Is Best for Your SEO!

Position Zero, also known as PO, rank zero or featured snippet, is now the most coveted spot on a customer’s Google search engine results page (SERP).  Position Zero refers to the first snippet that appears at the top of a Google SERP, in the Knowledge Panel above the rest of the results.  Being able to occupy this position does wonders for your marketing and SEO.  Keep reading to learn more about why you need to be focusing on Position Zero, and remember, we are always here to help!

  • You occupy more space. Position Zero occupies more space, both on the SERP and in the customers’ minds.  It pushes the normal organic results further down the page and gives your brand the chance to stand out.  Also, it’s been found that the average Google user won’t scroll past the content provided in the Knowledge Panel, so occupying this position would put you at a major advantage over competing results.
  • You’re more easily found using voice search. Google Assistant is now built into more than 1 billion devices, and users make more than half their searches through the Assistant as opposed to text.  All of the information the Assistant dictates is given through the Knowledge Panel.  By optimizing your business to occupy that panel, you’re capturing a large portion of the market that otherwise might not find it, since they’re not performing a traditional search. Read More about Voice Search here.
  • It boosts your click-through rate. The majority of users won’t scroll past Position Zero, and they’re likely to want to learn more about your business if you’ve created engaging content for the Knowledge Panel.  They will expect to see even more engaging content on your website that provides them the information they need.  By making sure your Knowledge Panel content is up to date and relevant, you’ll generate higher traffic in no time.

Your SEO is among the most important tools for ensuring your business’s success.  Our web development team has experience boosting small business SEO and making sure their rankings are consistently high. 

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