Here are the 4 Hot SEO Trends Every Business Should Expect in 2021

  • SEO is about more than just driving traffic. Conversions and revenue need to rise to the top of your list in 2021.
  • Every digital channel that your business uses needs to interact with one another on the SERP.
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    Every small and midsized business needs to expect, and capitalize on, these SEO trends as we enter the new year:

    • Page experience signals as a ranking factor. The measurements of a customer’s overall experience on a Google page, known as page experience signals, will continue to influence the page’s overall ranking.  Google’s Web Vitals will also become part of the overall page experience and an important ranking factor.  Your website needs to be up to date on speed, user-friendliness and personalization, in addition to including relevant information.

    • Increased voice searches. You might think voice searches are already at their prime, but in today’s online world, they’ll only continue to become more prominent.  By 2022, voice search revenue is expected to reach approximately $40 billion.  This is why it’s so important to focus on incorporating short snippets of keywords that a customer in your industry would use when performing a voice search.

    • More videos. Digital marketers are beginning to focus not only on text and infographics, but on videos to boost SEO.  Experts predict that by 2022, videos will make up 83% of the world’s Internet traffic.  As your customers spend more time at home, a quality video will give them a break from reading walls of text and bring some interactivity to the user experience.

    • Shift toward local searches. Undoubtedly, small businesses are struggling right now, and we have seen a shift in searches for them, rather than big box retailers.  Your keywords should be a combination of general industry search terms and featured snippets that are unique to your specific business, so you can stand out from the local competition.

    The SEO team at GEM Corp continuously capitalizes on industry trends and keywords to make your website searchable.  Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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