growing your business using instagram: 5 points

July 12, 2019

1. Know Your Brand…and Your Customers!

First things first: You must (must!) understand your company’s brand! Before posting anything to Instagram, know exactly what message you want to convey. The posts that might help grow a company like Budweiser won’t help grow a company like OshKosh. Still, both these companies have a clear brand persona and therefore are able to post in a manner that reflects their brand to a T.  Before doing anything: Know your brand.

Next, know your customers. Budweiser’s followers on Instagram aren’t going to want the same social media posts as OshKosh followers (although new parents may find themselves soon heading over to the Budweiser page). Not sure what your customers want or like? A good way to learn is by checking out the pages of your competitors. What sorts of posts are most popular? Try to emulate those as you embark on early Instagram campaigns.

2. Post Images Your Followers Will Want to Share

Active audience engagement is critical when it comes to social media campaigns. On Instagram, one of the best ways to ensure your audience is engaging with you is by posting images that they will want to repost themselves. So, make sure your posts are impressive in design and value. Vary the type of post (educational, entertainment, topical, etc.), but keep it within a reasonable range of what your audience would enjoy. Keep track of your most successful posts and try to build on those in the future.

3. For Goodness’ Sake, Don’t Forget a Call to Action!

You could be doing everything right on Instagram. You could be pushing out top quality content every single day that not only appeals to your audience, but draws in legions of new, prospective clients too. However, if your audience doesn’t know how to contact you none of this matters. At all.  So be sure to include a strong Call to Action either in your bio, comments or images and let your audience know how and where to contact you. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised…

4. Post a Lot. Like, a Lot a Lot.

Instagram is a numbers game. While there haven’t been official statements from the company to confirm this, it is fairly evident to everyone who uses it. The more you post, the more followers you accrue. Your company should be posting (good content!) 5-10 times a day.

5. #UseHashtags

Think of hashtags as a search tool that can help raise awareness of your brand, not something that only teeny boppers use with selfies. While it may feel unprofessional to be using them (or using a lot of them), hashtags are critical to a successful Instagram campaign. In fact, hashtags may be the single most useful tool for attracting people unfamiliar with your company to your page. We recommend you research the most powerful hashtags for your niche, and then include them in the first comment under your post.

– Jackie Teschon

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