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Graphic Design is Important for Marketing: Here’s Why We Think You Should Outsource It Rather Than Doing It In-House!

October,  07 2020

Our graphic design professionals provide comprehensive solutions to the digital marketing needs of Tri-State Area businesses.

The Importance of Good Quality Graphic Design

49% of small and midsized businesses rate graphic design as “very important” to the success of their business, and 31% say it is “moderately important.”  There’s no doubt that good quality graphic design is a critical tool. 

Why Should You Outsource Your Graphic Design?

You may be tempted to do graphic design in-house, thinking it will save you time and money over outsourcing it to a professional design company.  Here’s why we think you should outsource it instead to really get results on your website and social media platforms:

  • It’s actually cheaper than in-house design. If your business doesn’t have an in-house professional graphic designer, hiring one may actually be more expensive than using an outside designer.  When you hire a new employee, you have to consider the costs of their salary, health benefits, infrastructure/work spaces and more.  An outside graphic design agency will only charge you a certain amount per project or per contract, without the hassle of various employment costs.

  • An outside graphic designer has more time and experience. As a business owner, you likely don’t have the comprehensive graphic design background an outside designer will bring to the table.  An outside designer specializes in only that field and has all the time and resources they need to give you results.  Even if you do have a design background, the time and effort it takes to do design yourself will take away from other areas of focus as a business owner. 

  • Builds connections. As a business owner, building relationships with other individuals and businesses is a critical tool for success.  Regular interactions with an external graphic design agency expedites this process.  They may wish to utilize your business for their needs in an area where they don’t have as much expertise, or help you build connections with businesses they know to get you more customers. 

The professional graphic design team at GEM Corp will give your website and social media platforms the visuals they need to succeed.  Contact us today at 866 GEM-CORP or through our website to get started!

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