Favorite Beer

September 06, 2019

It’s Beer Lovers’ Day! To celebrate we asked our qualified GEM employees to name their favorite beers. Check out the results below

Mike: Sapporo or as Mike calls it, the Budweiser of Japan. Did you know, Sapporo is the oldest brand of beer in Japan, founded in 1876.

Brianna & Jessica:  Michelob Ultra – No, it’s not a coincidence that 2 out of the 4 women in our office prefer the “superior light beer.”

John: The Brew from Boston itself: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat!

Matt: A Black and Blue – What is that, you ask? It’s half Guinness and half Blue Moon. 

Kevin: Blue Moon… some would say this is an old man’s beer, but we disagree. 

Jay: Budweiser The King of Beers. 

DJ: Heineken Light, otherwise known as the “Award Winner.”

Steve: Natural Light, this is not a natural response. 

Nebraska: Goose Island, an island where geese go and drink beer. 

Rob: Heineken, not the light version. 

Christian: Fosters. Australian for cheap and in a huge can. 

As you can see, we all have different tastes, but we all have something in common.

We Love Beer! 

Written by: Matthew Orozco

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