GEM Office Technologies
to Become GEM Corp. Effective January 2020

December 18, 2019

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The Mahwah-based marketing, IT and office solutions giant is undergoing a transition into a single corporate entity with four wholly owned subsidiaries

MAHWAH, N.J.- GEM Office Technologies, a nationally recognized marketing, IT and office solutions firm based in northern New Jersey, announced Monday that it will be restructuring into a single corporate entity, GEM Corp., effective January 2020.

“From the beginning, I’d envisioned GEM as a company that was fully employee owned”

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The consolidated GEM Corp. will serve as a holding company to four wholly owned subsidiaries: GEM Marketing, GEM IT, GEM Office and GEM Telecom. While each subsidiary will operate independently, GEM Corp. will offer clients services from the four companies under a single bill with minimal upfront cost.

By dividing GEM Corp. into four companies, President and CEO Kevin Dalessandro aims to create avenues for employees to gain ownership and vested interest in their respective divisions. GEM Corp. will also be able to utilize its national buying power to make its range of marketing, IT and office products more affordable to clients worldwide.

“From the beginning, I’d envisioned GEM as a company that was fully employee owned,” said Mr. Dalessandro on Monday. “After twenty-five years of working in corporate America, and contending with the constant turnover and cutthroat mentality, it became clear that everyone would be better off if employees had a vested interest in their company. By giving equity to our most dedicated and trusted employees we are also saying to customers: The people who work for you care deeply—they are invested in your success and will be with you for the long haul.”

In the coming weeks, GEM Corp. will unveil a corporate website with an updated branding design along with four new additional websites dedicated to each subsidiary. Beginning January 2020, the company will take the first steps to becoming one hundred percent employee owned while it continues to grow large and small businesses nationwide across a broad range of verticals.

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