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One of the industry’s largest cemetery management companies of New Jersey has launched the 1st Korean-American ‘Hyo-Do family planning’ Campaign as we all celebrate the good American Dream, sharing in celebrations for the 116th year of Korean-American heritage of Love, Joy, Peace, Success & Excellence here as fellow immigrant societies, living in the United States (NY/NJ).

Big Sale event: Our goal is to introduce ideas of planning ahead for cemetery space to ensure peace for our love ones as we are still here… When our fathers and mothers find out about how we prepared for their Rest In Peace, it will be a warm reminder to us all how grateful we should all be to our beloved parents and their sacrifices.
미국 뉴저지 최대 규모 공동묘지/장지회사가
뉴욕 뉴저지에 거주하고 있는 우리 한인사회에

파격적인 대 가격세일:
앞으로 누구나 손쉽게 미리 예비하는, 누구나 맞아야 하는 이별을 대비하여서
미국식 장례 묘지자리 분양, ‘사랑의 가족플레닝 켐페인’을 준비합니다.

Decision Making

When a family preplans their cemetery needs, the anxiety of not knowing what the departed would have chosen is lifted. Families can choose together the type of burial, the service, the location and the cost.

Financial Freedom

Preplanning is less expensive. It allows families to choose exactly what they want and can afford - no more, no less. Our properties all offer discounts for services and products purchased in advance of need. And when a family preplans, they also have the flexibility of paying through monthly deposits.

Peace of Mind

​ Preplanning  allows surviving loved ones to grieve a loss without worrying about the decisions, the costs, or the emotional conflicts that sometimes arise when final arrangements need to be made. The loss of a loved one is never easy; however, preplanning provides peace of mind, security, and comfort in knowing that the deceased's wishes are being upheld.

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