Big Marketing Decisions You Should be Making?

As We Transition into Fall, Are You Aware of These 3

The Northern New Jersey marketing professionals here at GEM want you to make sure your business is set for the fall.

The 3 Marketing Decisions You Should Make This Fall

To be on your digital marketing game for this unusual fall season, you absolutely need to do the following to retain and improve your overall strategy:

  • Focus on virtual targeting. It’s important to remember that many of your customers, especially those of an older demographic, will likely not feel comfortable visiting your business in person just yet.  To retain them, you’ll need to maintain a strong digital presence, such as regular social media posts and allowing customers to make purchases online or over the phone. 


  • Take advantage of the holidays, both major and minor. Marketing the major holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, through all your digital platforms is a no-brainer.  But never underestimate the power of fun, minor holidays that other businesses often don’t recognize.  Encouraging your customers to share their favorite coffee flavors for International Coffee Day (October 1) or to perform a kind gesture for World Kindness Day (November 13), for example, is a great way to show your customers your fun side and engage with them.

  • Shoot a drone video. Show off your property, changing leaves and all, with a drone video this fall!  All you need is a professional photographer who has access to a drone, like our in-house team here at GEM, and you’ll give homebound prospective customers a great look into your business that provides more detail than any still image.

Our digital marketing team is fully aware of the changing trends in the business world and will help you make a seamless transition.  Contact us today at (866) GEM-CORP, or through our website, and let us know how we may help you!

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