5 Ways to Improve Your Legal Writing and Connect with Your Client

May 23, 2017

In the legal business, good writing is always key. Writing is such a powerful tool to have when creating and forming documents that will be key staples when presenting a case or reviewing the facts. There is always room for improvement when writing in any field, and there are multiple ways to do so. From focusing on client centered issues to making continuous revisions and additions, making alterations and changes can only improve your legal format.

Organization is crucial when constructing any form of writing, especially in a legal format. Often times, it is easier to start off preliminary stages of creating your document with visual aids, such as a “visual roadmap” or a brainstorming page to get ideas organized and flowing on paper. Focusing on organizational tones and staying concise to one format will make the document much easier others to follow. If possible, dedicating each topic to a single paragraph in your writing can be helpful to keep your content organized, and is generally more reader friendly.

Regardless of whether you are a legal writer or a creative writer, editing and revising your work ruthlessly is a must. Editing is extremely important in the legal field because even the smallest errors-whether it be punctuation or grammatical issues can undermine your credibility as a writer and a lawyer for that matter. Any legal documents that are submitted to the court should be edited, multiple times. It can never hurt to take these precautions, being it results in a win-win situation for the lawyer and client.

Another important point to remember when compiling your legal document is to make your conclusions and statements understandable. Leave the reader content in what they have just looked over. Make your points known. The conclusion is just as important as the opening statement, so finish strong. The documents you create as a lawyer impact the lives of multiple individuals across numerous platforms. Continuing to perfect your craft of writing in the legal field will only further your name and credibility when it comes to reputation. 

– Jackie Teschon

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