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5 Online Halloween Marketing Ideas to “Jump” Your Sales This Year

October 22, 2019

Fall is quickly approaching, and with that comes changing leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes and you guessed it: Halloween!  With this spooky holiday just a few weeks away, your small business has more marketing opportunities than you might think. Given the increased popularity of digital marketing this year, we thought we’d give you ways to put a Halloween twist on your online campaigns to get customers in the spirit of the season and spread a little fall fun.

1) Costume contest. Although this idea may sound cliché, customers always like to see the fun side of your company.  Have all your employees wear a costume to work on or near Halloween.  Take individual or group photos and post them to your company’s social media page, asking followers to vote on which costume they like the best.  Be sure to post the winner later!  You can also do something similar with customers by having them send costume photos and offering the winner a giveaway or promotion.  To see GEM’s awesome costumes from Halloween 2018, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, and click “Like” or “Follow” while you’re at it to see what we’ll have in store for you this year.


2) Change visual content to a Halloween theme. Change your profile and cover photos on your social media pages to something Halloween-related or just add the theme to your existing photos.  Temporarily change your logo to include a spooky theme and be sure to post some fun content related to the holiday, such as Halloween trivia and polls.  Doing this makes your relationship with your current customers feel more personal and less corporate, and for new customers, it establishes trust and gives them something they can relate to.  After all, who doesn’t have a soft spot for Halloween?


3) You can even get your message across in your URL. You might not think so, but your URL can be Halloween-themed as well!  The first thing a customer does when visiting a website is type the URL in the address bar of their computer.  And I guarantee it will catch their eye if a favicon of a pumpkin or autumn leaves pops up when they hit the return key.


4) Make a scary video. Video marketing is bigger than ever nowadays, and you should take advantage of this the next few weeks, when customers will already be spending a lot of time on social media and online in general.  Make a short video that advertises your business while also incorporating a spooky Halloween aspect.  You might have suspenseful music playing or make your brand’s name or slogan pop out unexpectedly at the end of the video.  Whatever approach you decide to utilize, make sure the video is unique and captures a scary, but fun, theme.


5) Send out a Halloween newsletter or email. Let subscribing customers know about any Halloween-related promotions or giveaways, if you are planning any.  Or you can get away from the topic of your company altogether and write a helpful guide, such as safety tips for trick-or-treating or best costume ideas for the year.  Acknowledging Halloween in your newsletter will get customers excited to read your upcoming content as well because it is just the beginning of a busy holiday season.


Written By: Anthony Luparello

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