5 Marketing Trends to boost small business in 2019

July 2, 2019

The world of marketing and advertising has never been more everchanging than it is today. Fads and trends come and go before most people can even identify them.  That said, as a small business owner or marketing professional, it is your job to try to understand and implement these trends as best as possible. Below are 5 emerging marketing trends likely to boost your small business in 2019. 

1. Use Social Media, But Have a Strategy

According to a recent survey, 77 percent of Americans have a social media profile. From a marketing standpoint, this would seem like an unqualified goldmine. Easy access to countless individuals and businesses, profiles that offer detailed information about consumer interests and demographics, an open platform to advertise—what more could a marketer want?

While on the one hand social media does make marketing easier, it’s essential to have a strategy and clear understanding of your goals before embarking on a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram campaign. If you don’t, your efforts may ultimately prove fruitless. Most importantly, define what you hope to gain from social media marketing: Do you want to increase brand awareness? Monitor competitors? Strengthen bonds with current clients? Collect demographic information? Once you have a clear goal, you can begin using social media in a more targeted manner.

2. Video is Your Friend

It’s no secret that web users love watching videos. But—and this is critical—not just any videos. If you simply upload promotional materials or videos describing your business, chances are you won’t get the views or conversions you’re hoping for. Instead, offer videos that will connect with your target audience. Do they like animal videos? Funny videos? Sports or entertainment videos? Understand your audience and produce videos they’re likely to click on (with your logo and contact info attached, of course).

3. Get Interactive at Professional Events

These days it seems like the entire world exists online. Thankfully that isn’t true. Trade shows, expos and conferences are all good opportunities to impress your current and future clients IRL. Studies show that people are more likely to stop by booths that offer interactive experiences. Games, technological experiences, and countless other interactive possibilities can spruce up your station and attract the clientele you seek

4. Customized Email Campaigns Are a Must

One of the best things about email is that it has evolved to allow for the segmentation of particular customer bases. You can customize different email campaigns to different clients based on their interests, demographics, or any other specificity. Small business should take advantage of this convenient feature: A personalized email is a little thing that goes a long way.

5. Get Specific—No More Blanket Marketing

It’s 2019. That means there’s no shortage of ways to collect the demographic information, spending habits, extracurricular interests (and more) of your potential clientele. It also means general blanket marketing will no longer work. Whether you’re using email, social media, or direct mailers, you’ll need to target your audience and get as granular as possible.

– Jackie Teschon

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