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4 Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Make or Break Your Campaigns in 2020!

In-person interaction has been extremely limited in the past few months, so mobile marketing is especially important at this time.  However, you’ll want to be aware of the latest trends to make sure you’re doing it right.  Continue reading to see 4 trends that we know will make or break your advertising efforts this year!

  • Increased automation. We will continue to see increased automation this year to help marketers keep customers interested in their product.  Increased data visibility, based on past actions taken by customers after a certain product outcome, will enable marketers to pinpoint possible customer actions.  With this information, they can then get ahead of the game by taking measures they know will be effective to retain these customers.
  • Retargeted customers generate 37% more revenue than new users.  In 2020, we’re going to see even more marketers shift their focus from gaining new customers to keeping the interest of the current ones.  Instead of substantial spending for new ads that will target new customers, we’ll see more of a trend toward efficient spin-offs of the current brand image to retarget current customers, which generates more revenue in the end.
  • More mobile use overall. The average customer spends about 5 hours on their mobile phone per day, and they are more likely to make a purchase from a company with a large mobile presence (including apps) than one without.  With mobile phones becoming more of a primary screen than a secondary one, we’re going to see ads tailored to be viewed on a phone, and also ads that enable customers to respond through an app or the ad itself.
  • Social video, particularly TikTok, will continue to thrive. In 2019, we saw the social video platform TikTok rise in popularity, particularly among teens and young adults.  TikTok is now the fourth most-downloaded app behind Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.  In 2020, we’ll see brands gravitate towards video marketing rather than traditional digital channels, particularly those that target younger consumers. 

The world of mobile marketing is always changing, and next year, we’ll see even more trends that change the way we approach this popular tool.  At GEM Corp, we’re continuously aware of these trends and will help you put together a mobile strategy guaranteed to make you stay popular with your customers.

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