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St. Patrick’s Day: Why It’s Such a Good Digital Marketing Opportunity, Even If You’re Not an Irish Pub

March 10, 2020

We’re quickly approaching the day that every Irish-American looks forward to all year: St. Patrick’s Day.  Pubs will be packed to the brim on that day and the weekend leading up to it, and people will flock to enjoy their town’s parade.  But even if you’re not an Irish pub, your small to midsized business can take advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity.

You might wonder why St. Patrick’s Day would be considered a strong marketing tool.  It’s not as widely celebrated as Thanksgiving and Christmas and mostly appeals to one nationality.  If your business is not Irish-centered, why bother marketing the holiday at all?  There are a few reasons, however, why it’s actually smart to set up a digital marketing campaign centered around St. Patrick’s Day, no matter your business or target audience.

  • There is a collective interest in St. Patrick’s Day activities.  While the majority of non-Irish customers are probably not interested in the history of St. Patrick’s Day, the traditional activities that occur on the holiday appeal to a wide range of audiences.  Bar-hopping is a popular activity among millennials, and they often go all-out on St. Patrick’s Day with their friends.  Americans of all ages will commonly cook an Irish-themed dinner, such as Shepherd’s pie or corned beef and cabbage.
  • Customers are in the holiday spirit. St. Patrick’s Day is sandwiched between Valentine’s Day and Easter, two widely celebrated holidays.  Taking advantage of the lull between these two holidays with an exciting St. Patrick’s Day campaign gives your customers something to look forward to and gets them back in the spirit of the season.
  • Everybody loves free stuff. No matter what their background, it’s a pretty undeniable fact that every customer enjoys a free giveaway.  A giveaway with a St. Patrick’s Day theme entices customers and enhances your business’s image.  Your business may not naturally fit the theme of the holiday, but your customers can still have a beer mug to drink out of at their parties.

The digital marketing professionals at GEM are ready to help you with your St. Patrick’s Day campaign, whether it be a cool social media post or a giveaway flyer to send to your email list.  Contact us today to learn more and book our services.

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