3 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is So Valuable Today

An average of 51% of companies currently use marketing automation, and 58% of B2B companies plan to use it in the immediate future.  If your company manually tracks website visitors, social media responses and other key metrics, switching to automated tools can provide benefits in more ways than one.  Keep reading to learn about three key benefits of marketing automation software.

  • Saves time and cuts costs. Manual reporting involves tracking customers’ every move and knowing the right time to send them an email or social media message, or otherwise connect with them.  It also involves spending an often-sizable chunk of your budget on tools that will aid you in every department.  With marketing automation, you get the features of every tool you would otherwise use in one package.  The automation software does this work for you, and you save time and money that would otherwise come with tracking and reporting.
  • Increases engagement. Marketing automation tools are built to be consistently up to date with the latest news and trends you may inadvertently miss in your busy schedule.  The software capitalizes on these trends and will automatically send out relevant content to current and prospective customers.  This makes it easier for your business to keep customers engaged and strengthens relationships.
  • Enhances personalization. Most customers are more likely to open an email or newsletter that is personalized towards them than one that is overly general.  In the midst of all your other responsibilities, it’s understandably difficult to come up with personal touches for every piece of content you send.  Marketing automation software will do all of this for you, give you piece of mind and win over prospects.

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